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We are the biggest supplier of Candles in Scandinavia.
We offer fresh and wonderfully scented candles of highest quality from some of the biggest candle manufacturers on the market like WoodWick, Colonial Candle, RibbonWick and Bridgewater Candle Company.
We also sell our own produced range of candles; A-Collection,
Olivia & Co and Red-Label Candles.


Candles Scandinavia AB - Experience A World Of Candles

  • Natural Selection
  • MS/SG
  • A-collection
  • Olivia & Co
  • Budskapsljusen
  • Bridgewater
  • Colonial Candles
  • WoodWick
  • Red Label Candles
  • Ribbonwick

About Us

There are winds of change blowing in Örebro. For a long time, candles were a big part of our business.
Now, its the only part.

Our goal is to be the biggest when it comes to candles in Scandinavia. This requires that you, your colleagues, readers and all our previous customers only see
Candles Scandinavia when you think of candles.
And that you only see candles when you think of Candles Scandinavia.
Quick, think of a company that only makes candles!

See, it's working already.


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