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ABOUT candles scandinavia

It all started with the owners, Viktor and Nina, urging to create a successful company together, make it grow and to grow old with as a couple. From start they have had a very long term determination and scope for the business. The ambition have from start been to aiming for the first position in the market.

At first they started as a company serving customers within the interior sector with a large variety of goods, but rather soon focusing on candles and only candles. Starting from this day the company have had a clear focus on candles and take pride in really knowing everything that is worth knowing about candles. One might think its easy to make a candle, but let us tell you, it perhaps don’t even burn when you try to light it up. We have tried and tried… Today we take great pride telling everyone that we are truly nerds on candles!

After starting with one brand, our own A-Collection, several others have been added over the years. The company have grown in size and along that journey also been appreciated by others. Early after start-up; Price for Pioneer of the year, entrepreneur of the year twice and we have two Gazelle Prices for being a fast growing and at the same time a prosper and solid company.

Along with the absolute winning attitude of the company, we are equally proud over the interest to attract people who are far away from having a work or been away from work a long time or for different reasons. Giving a person a chance to start to try-out and over time grow into a position and a role in our company is a great feeling for all parts involved and we a awarded for this with The Activa Dragon and Iris Certificate.

A strong entrepreneurial drive with a fast approach is our signum at the same time as we are striving for a customer service of top class always relaying of our strength of knowing a lot about candles.

Candles Scandinavia Group AB today

Today the company consists of two divisions under the umbrella Candles Scandinavia Group AB.

Candles Scandinavia Wholesale AB

Is the back bone of our business. This division serve the Gift Channel and all its customers consisting of shops from interiors, flowers, furniture etc with all the brands we work with, as holder of a Nordic agency or our own brands. We are  present in each of the Nordic countries with a local company and a local sales team.

Candles Scandinavia Production AB

Our own candle factory on site in Sweden with a large capacity to produce our own brands, contract fillings and private labels. A large supplier to our Wholesale division.