Differences between traditional paraffin wax and modern vegetable wax

Why vegetable wax?

We offer plant-based, biodegradable and vegan wax candles, manufactured in large quantities while not losing the high quality. But why have we chosen vegetable wax?

It is easy to think that all candles can fall into the same category. But the different materials all must be handled differently in production; paraffin is the simplest, hence most common, material to use, whereas natural wax is extremely sensitive to temperature and thus invites a complicated production process. Properly done, however, it is possible to maintain a consistently high quality in the production of candles made from natural wax.

Candles Scandinavia unique blend is made of the finest vegetable waxes available: including rapeseed oil and coconut oil. The base of the blend is rapeseed oil sourced from local farms. We have opted for rapeseed oil to take advantage of local resources.

The seeds are grown with short transport routes and fulfil Swedish standards on cultivation, waste treatment, processing and transportation.

We have chosen to work with a natural blend since we believe it is superior in every way. It is kinder to both animals and the environment, while also being biodegradable, sustainable, plant based and vegan. While candles based in paraffin can be unhealthy to breathe in, ours is toxic free. More than that, we do not test on animals and our blend is certified vegan. The result is a company secret that has been achieved after years of refinement and is continuously improved. Always striving to make the blend a little bit better with every batch made.

What signifies Candles Scandinavia’s wax blend:

No paraffin and no petroleum

No soy

Exceptional, clean burn

Amazing scent throw



Low soot level

Low frosting

Optimal crystallization

Locally grown

GMO free