Private label

We produce plant-based candles and biodegradable reed diffusers for brands in the medium to premium segment with the highest quality in the industry. Tailoring the entire production process, from the first meeting to the product’s go-to-market, allowing for a highly customer-centered process.

All our candles guarantee the greatest quality and are natural, made of rapeseed oil.

With our industrial-scale production and high scalability, we are able to produce candles at attractive pricing.

The client describes their needs – brand identity, target group, what feeling they want to convey, the price level for the candles, and other preferences – we make a tailor-made solution adapted to the wishes. That way, it does not matter if the client has an already existing concept to work with, or we create something completely new together.

Our process


We source for the right glass, or jar, which is customized to meet the client’s expectations and the safety requirements for a candle.


Once the design has been decided on, the client chooses the fragrance which is then sourced by us.

100% natural wax

Unmatched ability to produce natural scented candles on a large scale.


The type of fragrance will influence which wick and wax blends are used, as different scented oils behave differently with different blends. The size of the jar also must be factored in.

Wide service offering

We produce both scented candles and reed diffusers, to provide a one-stop-shop for clients.

Private label

Customized process. Ability to adapt the process to fit any client.

Wide service offering. Candles Scandinavia produces both scented candles and reed
diffusers, to become a one-stop-shop for clients.

High quality at the right price. With the industrial-scale production and high scalability,
the company can produce high-quality candles at attractive pricing.

Quotation built along the process. The final price is built inside-and-out. completely
depending on the component used and thus highly flexible for the customer’s convenience.

100% natural wax. Unmatched ability to produce 100% natural scented candles at a large scale.

Partner to expand with. The meticulous and careful approach of Candles Scandinavia to
nurture a brand they work with is appreciated by clients.

A few of our private label-customers