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We believe that the Nordic countries has only just started to really embrace Scented Candles. Join this opportunity and get your own Branded Scented Candle out on the market – and let us help you.


The Scented Candle Market is expanding

The Nordic countries are world leading when it comes to the total consumption of candles per capita. The Scented Candles segment by itself though has an enormous expanding possibility when compared to other countries and their proportions of the Scented Candle Market share of the total candle market in their countries.


Examples of market segments with a positive experience of Scented Candles

  • Interior & Design segment
  • Furniture stores
  • Flower shops
  • Saloon & Spas
  • The gift market
  • The fashion/clothing market


Designing and producing your own labeled candle is pretty straight forward.

All you have to do is to decide what fragrance you desire to create the right atmosphere around your candle when lit. We have a wide, and continually expanding range of fragrances from top producers with a long experience.

The look and feel should of course follow your brand and send the right vibes to attract your audience. You might provide us with a complete design or hand it over to us, we have experience and are happy to take you through the whole process.


It is of very high importance to us at Candle Scandinavia that we keep up with the best products on the market to only produce top quality candles. We always keep an eye on new ideas and developments within our interest like fragrances, materials, packaging and overall trends involving our field.

The candles are hand poured and taken care of by proud and dedicated people in our factory in Örebro, Sweden.

Any questions – do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you.