Research and development

In our factory, we have an experienced team that always improves our products and processes. They also ensure that we always meet, or exceed, industry standards. Our continuous strive for improvement guarantees that our products are always at the forefront of the market.


Our waxes and fragrances are of the highest quality and are constantly improved through our developmental work.


We have extensive knowledge in fragrance and are constantly developing our work in the area. We make sure that the scent matches the wax blend in the best way for all our candles.


Our testing is rigorous, and we always work to produce our candles in the safest way possible. Although we already have more comprehensive safety tests than required, we are constantly working on improving this area.


Our job is to combine aesthetics with high quality and safety.

Tailored processes

All our customers are unique, and so are our processes. Even though we have large-scale production, we always customize our strategies and processes to the customer.