Rigorous internal and external testing to ensure the highest quality

To ensure that we produce top-quality candles, our testing procedures go beyond industry requirements. The candles are tested according to both Swedish and international standards. Candles are tested in our own laboratory to guarantee safety and quality following the Candles Quality Assurance Standard. We also test candles in an external British laboratory.
  • Candles from every batch are tested and documented in Candles Scandinavia’s laboratory.
  • All testing is in accordance with EN 15426:2018, EN 15493:2019, EN 15494:2019, and ASTM F2417-17.
  • Also tested in accordance with their Candles Quality Assurance Standard.
  • A second opinion is retrieved from a laboratory-based in England to ensure quality and safety, testing for fire safety and soot.
  • Labelling of all products is done according to CLP regulations (Certification for Labelling and Packaging).

  • Temperature of glass
    Measured at three points – top, middle, and bottom.
  • UV-testing
    The candles are tested for UV light to make sure they do not discolour, which can otherwise be caused by sunlight or artificial lights.
  • Fire safety testing
    Measure the height of the flame, after-burn, and other fire qualities.
  • Wax-melt pools
    The temperature of wax melt pools in the candle as the candles burn.
  • Wick
    Test for soot levels and sturdiness.
  • Heat transfer
    Measure the temperature of the material below a lit candle to avoid accidents.