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Our connection to the natural world

100% Natural ingredients

We provide sustainable candles crafted from 100% natural wax, produced in large volumes without compromising on quality.

Candles Scandinavia utilizes a unique blend of premium vegetable waxes, including locally sourced rapeseed oil and coconut oil.

Our preference for rapeseed oil stems from its adherence to Swedish standards, with short transport routes and sustainable cultivation practices.

What signifies our wax blend

Our commitment to a natural blend reflects our belief in its superiority, offering benefits such as biodegradability, sustainability, and vegan certification.

Unlike paraffin-based candles, our blend is non-toxic and cruelty-free. Through continuous refinement, we maintain our company secret, ensuring each batch is of the highest quality.

No paraffin, no petroleum, no soy, non-toxic.

Low soot, low frosting,
locally grown, clean burn.

Vegan, excellent scent throw, biodegradable, optimal crystallization,
GMO free, certified eco palm oil.

Candles Scandinavia are experts in crafting all-natural candles, each uniquely designed to offer sustainable benefits while adding a touch of escapism to your customers' daily memories.

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