Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of candles with 100% natural wax

Candles Scandinavia’s the largest manufacturer of scented candles based on sustainable, plant-based wax. All our candles are tailored to each customer and mainly made from local rapeseed oil. By being a one-stop-shop, we can take you through the whole process from idea to finished product.

We care about our planet. That is why we came up with a sustainable solution.

Why vegetable wax?

We offer plant-based and vegan wax candles, manufactured in large quantities while not losing the high quality. But why have we chosen vegetable wax?

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High customer satisfaction

Each customer has different needs. Here are two different examples of how the process may look.

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Rigorous internal and external testing to ensure the highest quality

To make sure that we produce top-quality candles, our testing procedures go beyond industry requirements. 

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What defines a high-quality candle?

We put great pride in delivering the best candles possible. The size of the flame and the scent are just some of the things defining the quality of a candle.

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Reed diffusers

As a one-stop-shop, we can provide both candles and reed diffusers with design, production, and packaging, all from the same factory.

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One might think it is easy to make a candle, but let us tell you, it might not even burn when you try to light it up. Today we put great pride in telling everyone that we are truly nerds on candles!

Vegetable wax

100% natural

Candles with 100% natural wax. We offer candles made of plant-based, sustainable and biodegradable wax. All our waxes are made of mainly rapeseed oil sourced from local farms.

The seeds are grown with Swedish standards on cultivation, waste treatment, processing and transportation. By working with local farms, we make sure to minimize the transport routes. The natural ingredients also make our products kinder to the environment and humans.

Our factory

A unique large scale production

Large scale with high quality. We are proud of our facilities and the people working there. The factory is designed for large-scale production of natural candles, and we are determined to make every batch of candles first class.

The production is adapted to natural wax and our testing goes beyond industry requirements. No volumes are too small or too big for us and the flexibility to adapt our production to meet our customers’ needs are one of our strengths.

Private label
Tailored processes
for every customer

Candles Scandinavia produce scented candles and reed diffusers for brands within the medium to premium price range with the highest quality in the industry, while being natural and climate conscious.

No size fits all. Therefore, we tailor the entire production process, from the first meeting to the product launch, allowing for a customer-centric process.

With our industrial-scale production, we produce candles at an attractive pricing.

Our brands
We ignite the spark

Candles Scandinavia distributes the biggest candle brands in the world, as well as selling candles through our own brands.

We hold the exclusive distribution rights for Yankee Candle, the world’s largest candle brand, as well as for WoodWick® and Millefiori Milano in all the Nordic countries.

Our own brands are developed locally, in Sweden. They are adapted for the Nordic market and are based on 100% natural wax. The scents are made according to the Nordic customers’ preferred choices.

About Candles Scandinavia

Candles Scandinavia is the largest manufacturer of candles based on sustainable, plant-based wax in Scandinavia, with 50 employees and more than SEK 100 million in turnover.

Every year millions of plant-based candles and biodegradable reed diffusers are produced in our factory in Sweden.

We are innovative and our processes are tailored to every customer, that range from big brands, retail chains and department stores in Scandinavia. Everything we do is done with passion and a long-term sustainable focus.